Entry #36


2014-01-30 06:00:55 by lucretius

I know what you're thinking. Who is that freak in the profile pic? Why the heck does he like frickin' My Little Pony? Is he gay or something? How long has it been since he's been here? Can he even comprehend time? Why do I even care? I do cocaine! What kind of site is this? Can I buy elephant tusks on this site? Is poaching illegal? Is poaching random Newgrounds users illegal? Why is weed still illegal? Do you know when you get off work tomorrow? Oh, that's right. I can't comprehend time.

Well the answer to all of these questions is: Congratulations! I just wasted 15 seconds of your life reading a random post that doesn't even make sense! Isn't the world lovely when you have the right to bear arms? Don't just stand there, vote yes to legalizing gay marriage! Every brony has the right to be happy.

Offended yet? Shoot me :D. Poaching random Newgrounds users is legal in 2 states now!


Who's a sexy stallion?...I AMMMMM!!2442871_139116758553_HandDrawn.jpg


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